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Family Tree Corporation is an Oil & Gas Company holding thousands of operated and non-operated interests primarily in the Mid-Continent region.

Although Family Tree does operate some of its wells, its primary focus is non-operated participation in the country’s largest unconventional shale plays. Family Tree remains active throughout the Anadarko Basin and Arkoma Basin, with new emphasis on the Fayetteville Shale Fairway of Arkansas, the Haynesville Shale (East Texas), and the Antrim Shale in Central Michigan.

Family Tree Subsidiaries and Affiliates

  • Trilogy Oil & Gas, LLC: Holds non-operated working interests
  • Idlewild Resources: Holds non-operated working interests
  • Silver Tree Oil and Gas: Holds non-operated working interests
  • Family Tree Managed Partnerships
  • Oklahoma Oil Project: A diversified private placement memorandum focusing in non-operating participation throughout Oklahoma.

About the Family


Following four years in the U.S. Coast Guard, Bob graduated from North Texas State University with a BBA in Real Estate and Finance with honors. After graduation Bob worked for Texas Utilities before moving back to Sheridan Wyoming with his parents to open up a restaurant.

Bob formed Family Tree Corporation in 1978 with his parents, and took on sole responsibility for running the business in 1980. In 1983, Bob sold the restaurant and started working for a land brokerage firm buying and selling leases for a profit. In 1986, he moved to Denver while continuing to broker leases in North East Wyoming.

From 1990 to 1996, Bob worked independently acquiring Wyoming, Texas, and Oklahoma minerals before shifting his focus to working interest in 1997.


Chris joined Family Tree in 1999 to aid in this process. He has a degree in Land and Resource Management from the University of Southwestern Louisiana. Chris has been instrumental in the Company’s success since he joined. He is primarily responsible for business development, mineral acquisitions and prospect identification. Chris is a Certified Professional Landman.


Michael holds a BS in Petroleum Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and a MBA Finance degree from the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business. Prior to joining FTC in 2006, Michael worked for Kerr-McGee Oil and Gas. Michael brings both operational and reservoir engineering experience to the Company.


Craig joined Family Tree in 2001. As head of the Land Department, Craig oversees all lease and mineral transactions. He also assures that the acquisition process is handled in a proper and efficient manner. Craig has been a landman for over 27 years having worked oil and gas projects in Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Michigan, Arkansas, California, Oklahoma, Texas and Washington. Craig has been a longtime friend, co-worker and partner of Bob Dykes.

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