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Family Tree Corporation is a family owned and operated oil and gas company pursuing operated and non-operated mineral and working interests nationwide. Formed in 1978, Family Tree entered the industry as a land brokerage firm in Wyoming. In 1986, Family Tree acquired the South Pilot Butte Field in Fremont County as its primary operated oil field, which it still operates today.

In the early 1990s, the company changed its focus to the acquisition of mineral and royalty interests in the mid-continent region. Soon thereafter, Family Tree began developing large scale prospects, concentrating first on Coal Bed Methane, later moving to unconventional shale plays.

In 2003, Family Tree began aggressively pursuing non-operating working interests throughout the United States, concentrating on areas with multi-zone and multi-well potential. Family Tree focuses on acquisition and growth of its reserves over time, allowing it to maintain a sizable inventory of profitable assets.

Today, Family Tree continues to blend mineral/royalty acquisition, divestiture, non-operated working interest, field operations, and prospect generation to create industry diversity and manage growth. Family Tree’s conservative business model and philosophy has been the key to its success as the company has grown over the last 30 years.

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